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Physical Store Strategy

Creating stores with character

The Group does not own a distribution warehouse. Our basic policy is to reuse goods through local sourcing and local consumption where we sell goods directly at the same stores where they were purchased from customers. As a result, the product lineup differs from store to store. One of the appeals of our stores is that despite being a chain store, each has its own unique character. Some of our customers enjoy touring several stores because of the difference in lineups. It feels like a treasure hunt to them.
To enhance this unique appeal of reuse stores, we aim to create stores with distinct characteristics, giving them a certain degree of freedom. To this end, product categories of focus may vary from store to store, and stores can set up unique sales displays.

Digging deeper into product categories: developing specialized reuse stores

We are also working on creating more specialized stores by digging deeper into specific product categories. By taking a product category previously dispersed in single displays in each store and consolidating them into a specific store, we have contributed to increased recognition and facilitated buying as well as enhanced customer convenience.

HARD OFF Audio Salon
HARD OFF Musical Instrument Studio
OFF HOUSE Outdoor & Sports
HARD OFF Tool Center

We will continue to develop specialized reuse stores to meet the needs of our customers.


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