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About us

HARD OFF CORPORATION is in the reuse business.

We operate reuse stores that buy unwanted items from customers and sell them. We inspect and clean all purchased goods at our stores before putting them on the shelves for sale. We call this inspection and reconditioning process “production,” and so at HARD OFF, we see ourselves as the “manufacturer” and approach our work with the same pride.

  • Reused items have an image of being dirty or scratched. Customers think that if they buy something used, it will soon break. Our goal is to eliminate the anxiety associated with reused items, and to give customers what peace of mind we can when they purchase goods.

  • Our goal is to create stores that eradicate the 5U’s. Contrary from the typical image of unclean, unpleasant, uninviting, ugly, and unsafe, we offer clean, odorless, inviting, nice, and safe products.

  • We operate several types of stores depending on the goods they carry. Currently, in addition to a variety of store brands, we run BOOK OFF stores in a franchised format. By limiting the goods we carry, we aim to increase the product knowledge of our staff and create highly specialized stores.

  • A store network covering all 47 prefectures in Japan

    In December 2014, the Group opened its first store in Okinawa Prefecture, where we had no presence until then. With this, we now run a network of reuse stores in all 47 prefectures of Japan.

    Pickup Stores

Company Philosophy


work for society


work for our customers


work for our co-workers


work for the company

The meaning behind our company philosophy

We apply our company philosophy to everything we do in business and how we are as a company. All four conditions must be met, and the order in which they shall be met also has a meaning. By fulfilling 1→2→3→4 in order, we can pay tax from the Company’s profits, which are then used for the benefit of society. The four conditions make up a cycle.

HARD OFF in Numbers

Net sales of
all chain stores
54,580 million yen
Number of stores914 stores
Net sales24,507 million yen
Ordinary profit1,668 million yen
Equity-to-asset ratio73.1%
※fiscal year ended March 31,2022

Shareholder Returns

Dividend Policy

Our policy is to maintain a stable dividend with a dividend payout ratio of approximately 50%, by comprehensively taking into account such factors as the business results for each fiscal year and internal reserves.

Year-end dividend40 yen
Dividend payout ratio53.3%
※fiscal year ended March 31,2022 (Forecast)

HARD OFF in the Future

Long-term Vision

We will refine our visionary management and become a unique entity that no one else can imitate. We will develop our “Re”NK CHANNEL (using the “re” from “reuse,” “Re”NK is pronounced in Japanese the same as Link) with a strong focus on physical stores, and contribute to the creation of a recycling-oriented society both in Japan and overseas, as a company that is by far the leader in the reuse business.


    “Re”NK CHANNEL is HARD OFF’s omni-channel strategy that integrates various physical-store and online channels. Our goal is to create major growth by linking our online division and various other elements in a circle with our greatest strength—physical stores, at the center.

    The “Re”NK CHANNEL Concept